KEG 2016

May 15 - 20, 2016 | The Historic Depot Hotel | Minneapolis, MN

Mini Kegs

Learn how your business can get the most out of a Kinetic Data software investment by attending a Kinetic Enthusiasts Group (KEG) in your town.

2015 Recap

This year’s Kinetic Enthusiast Group (KEG) event was the largest to date. IT professionals from government agencies, business enterprises, school systems and service providers from across the U.S., Canada and Europe gathered for information-packed presentations, customer stories, networking and training.

KEG 2015 also featured the second annual Wally Awards—recognition given to customers who’ve done uniquely innovative things with Kinetic Data products and technologies.

Wally Awards

Statues of Kinetic Data’s mascot Wally in a conductor uniform (highlighting the event’s “Platform for Success” theme) were given for their innovative and creative use of Kinetic Data software.

KEG Catalog

The KEG event catalog included the agenda, photos, scavenger hunt, off-site activites and surveys. It was also built with our newly announced Kinetic Core platform.

Why Attend

Business Managers

Learn how your business can get the most out of your Kinetic Data software investment.

At KEG you will:

  • Connect with other organizations creating innovative solutions for their customers
  • Learn best practices to create adaptable, maintainable solutions
  • See what's new in cloud management, security, low-code platforms and and how Kinetic Data products help
  • See what is coming next from Kinetic Data


Get direct access to the developers, professional services and support teams that build, implement and support Kinetic Data products every day.

At KEG you will:

  • Learn to build Kinetic solutions faster
  • Get a better understanding of the underlying architecture & development philosophy
  • Connect with other developers and how they use the products
  • See what is coming next from Kinetic Data

Wally Awards

We love our customers and are constantly surprised and excited to see creative solutions they come up with to solve problems in their world. Each year at KEG we give out Wally Awards to people and organizations making a difference in new and innovative ways.

Wally Award 2015 Winners

The 2015 Wally awards