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April 30 - May 4, 2018 | The Saint Paul Hotel | St. Paul, Minnesota

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Welcome to KEG 2018

At KEG 2018, you will learn to build solutions faster. What you will find is a better understanding of the underlying architecture & development philosophy. It's a chance to network, learn something new, and communicate with Kinetic Data.

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2018 Kinetic Enthusiasts Group

April 30th - May 4th, 2018 | The St. Paul Hotel | St. Paul, Minnesota

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Why Attend

Business Managers

  • Connect with other organizations creating innovative solutions for their customers
  • Learn best practices to create adaptable, maintainable solutions
  • See what's new in cloud management, security, low-code platforms and and how Kinetic Data products help
  • See what is coming next from Kinetic Data


  • Learn to build Kinetic solutions faster
  • Get a better understanding of the underlying architecture & development philosophy
  • Connect with other developers and how they use the products
  • See what is coming next from Kinetic Data

Need more help convincing the powers that be? Use our pre-written Letter to Boss for backup!


Conference Schedule

  • April 30th


    • 3:00pm Registration
    • 6:00pm Welcome Dinner
  • May 1st


    • 7:00am Breakfast
    • 8:30am Keynote
    • 9:30am Conversations with the Architects
    • 10:30am COFFEE BREAK
    • 11:00am Lightning Talks
    • 12:00pm Lunch
    • 1:00pm Customer stories
    • 2:00pm COFFEE BREAK
    • 2:30pm Walk through of kinops
    • 3:30pm Level Up - Whats next with Kinetic
    • 4:00pm Wally Awards
    • 4:30pm Happy Hour & Poster Stories
    • 6:30pm Dinner
    • 7:30pm Night Activity

Training Schedule

  • May 2nd


    • Session 1
      • Track 1:
        Forms Development: Play along in creating an on-boarding form from end-to-end, exploring the Form Builder's functionality and form design concepts on the journey. Participants will explore form elements such as fields, sections, pages as well as learn about advanced capabilities such as events, bridges, and review pages.
      • Track 2:
        Process Design: Learn about workflow design concepts and the workflow design tool by creating a workflow start to finish. Using a pre-existing on-boarding form as inspiration, participants will explore the core capabilities of the workflow engine to generate an approval, send notifications, and create fulfillment tickets.
      • Track 3:
        User Experience: The soul of any implementation is the user interface. A 'bundle' is the term for the combined code that renders a user interface on the Kinetic platform. Explore the latest method of bundle development using React. Gather practical knowledge on managing CSS and external libraries. Build landing pages, request activity pages, and more.
  • May 3rd


    • Session 2
      • Track 1:
        Forms Development, continued: Continue to expand the on-boarding form created in Session 1. Learn about Datastore, tables, and other form design strategies such as form cloning and embedded forms. The end of the session brings together Tracks 1 and 2 to see the on-boarding form in action with workflow execution.
      • Track 2:
        Process Design, continued: Enhance the workflow process created on day one by introducing loop processing, integrations with another application, deferrals, and more. Participants will also look inside a task handler, discuss migration of processes between environments, and versioning trees and routines as business needs change. The end of the session brings together Tracks 1 and 2 to see the on-boarding form in action with workflow execution.
      • Track 3:
        Handler Development: Understanding handlers is key to being able to extend the Kinetic platform. Participants will learn how to modify and build Task Handlers to accommodate their unique needs. See how to import predefined and custom task handlers. Lastly, learn how Kinetic Task allows you speed up your development by allowing you to test your Task Handlers on your local workstation."
  • May 4th


    • Session 3
      • Workshop Day
        Work with our teams to discuss issues related to your bundles / UI, forms, and workflow processes.
        Not sure what to work on?
        • Discuss and try out additional form design strategies
        • Explore task trees with never fail/never drop methods
        • Discuss troubleshooting techniques
        • Explore kinops, Kinetic Data’s hosted platform
        • Learn about time-based task tree execution functionality with Robots
        • Experiment with translations
        • Build some handlers and experiment with the test harness
Track 1: For the form designer.

A real-world approach to form development. Spend two days learning about form building strategies through hands on activities and discussion as you build a form end-to-end.

Track 2: For the process builder:

Build a workflow process from start to finish learning about Trees, Routines, and Handlers along the way. Explore iterative loops, form migration, and other workflow design concepts.

Track 3: Becoming a kinetic developer.

Learn about the latest in bundle design; build handlers so you can integrate with anything whether an internal custom app or common REST web-services.

*Note that the current agenda may change based on demand and customer suggestions.



Do you offer bulk pricing?

No, but register early for the buy one get one (BOGO) on the conference only. Ends Jan 31, 2018.

Do you have a cancellation/refund policy?

Yes, you will receive a full refund one month before, 50% refund up to two weeks before and no refund after that.

Can I gift/transfer my ticket to a friend? (Substitution Policy?)

Yes, just let us know at


Do I have to stay at the conference hotel?

No. There are other hotels nearby, in walking distance.

Does the hotel offer a discount?

Yes. The hotel does offer a special code group discount. Enter the code '180430KEG' for 10% off, while room supplies last.

How do I get to KEG 2018? Are there transportation options?

The hotel is eight miles north of the Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport - MSP. This hotel does not provide shuttle service. Light Rail, bus and taxis are available from the Airport. Light rail does not travel directly to downtown St. Paul, therefore it is the slowest option.

Transport Estimated Fare USD (one way)
UberX $16-21.00
Taxi $35.00
Express Bus $3.00
Light Rail $2.25

Express Bus #54 Directions from the Airport: Pick up the Bus Number 54 at Terminal 1n Upper ramp. Exit at 5th St & Market St. in downtown St. Paul. The hotel entrance is across the street.

What is the last day for for hotel registration?

The hotel registration for a reserved room at the conference must be booked by April 1st, 2018.

Does the hotel have a government travelers rate?

Yes, they do have a government per diem rate for individual government travelers of $149. The rate is not always available, as it is dependent on the hotel’s availability, please call in advance. Anyone booking that rate would have to show government identification at check-in. If you do not have a government identification at the time of check-in this rate would increase to the prevailing rate .

What if I have special dietary needs?

If you have any special dietary requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Are you wheelchair accessible?

All our venues are wheelchair accessible. We’ll reserve you some extra space in front of the stage upon request (please let us know at ).

What is the typical weather like for Saint Paul in May?

Spring is a time of major transition in Minnesota. By late-spring, temperatures begin to moderate and the winter coats are stored until another season. The average high is 71ºF and low is 52ºF/


Training Tracks information?

We offer three days of training. Two days are instructor-led training in three tracks. Track 1 is focusing on Form Design, Track 2 is focusing on Process Development, and Track 3 is focusing on Bundles/React and Handler development. Day 3 is a workshop day for all students with representatives of Kinetic Data Consulting and Development.

Can I move between tracks?

Yes. There may be some catch-up required for moving into Tracks 1 or Track 2. Also, we may have a restriction on Room size, but otherwise it is certainly possible.

Do I need to bring a laptop for training?

Yes. Our training is interactive and we have plenty of hands on examples. A few weeks before KEG we will send out a test link for our training environments.

What’s the difference between Request CE and Request RE?

The CE and RE refer to the editions of Request. RE is Remedy Edition and CE is Core Edition. All instructor-led training will be focused on CE.


What is a Wally?

Each year at KEG we give out Wally Awards to people and organizations making a difference in new and innovative ways. Last years categories include Innovator of the Year, Evolutionary of the Year and Spirit of KEG. We love our customers and are constantly surprised and excited to see creative solutions they come up with to solve problems in their world. Each year at KEG we give out Wally Awards to people and organizations making a difference in new and innovative ways

How do I win a Wally?

Your best work from the past year are reviewed and scrutinized to determine the best of Kinetic customers. You need to wow us!

Photography & video:

Our goal is to capture the excitement of our conference, and you may see photographers or videographers (including ones we’ve hired) documenting this event. It’s possible that you would appear in some of these shots.

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2018 Kinetic Enthusiasts Group

April 30th - May 4th, 2018 | The St. Paul Hotel | St. Paul, Minnesota

Reserve a room at the St. Paul Hotel
Enter the code 180430KEG for 10% off, while room supplies last.